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Corporate Yoga SchemeCompany & Employee benefit


Are you looking after your employees? Are they healthy? Do they have time to go the gym? Are your employees working to their full potential? In the busy corporate hustle and bustle we sometimes we forget to stop and take a moment to think about our health and general well-being. This in turn leads to stress related illness/injuries and repetitive strain injuries. In 2012 the estimated annual costs to UK businesses through staff sickness hit over £100 billion. An article in the Metro on Thursday 24 October 2013 revealed that stress and depression was the illness most likely to make workers take time off.


Benefits to your company Relieves stress and provides relaxation for employees. This not only reduces staff members’ stress levels but more importantly from a business prospective it increases concentration levels and improves the staff members’ productivity. Strengthen immune system which means healthier staff members and less sick days.Improve the physical and mental well-being of the staff members. Increases staff morale. Improve communication skills and team building skills.Improve staff retention.


Please get in contact for information on Bespoke packages suited to your company.



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